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Non-Traditional, Traditional, Elopement

Same-Sex Ceremonies, Simple Signings, Vow Renewal,

Alternative, Theme Weddings

Outdoor Wedding Altar
Outdoor Wedding Altar

Wedding Ceremony

Your wedding ceremony will be performed at the venue of your choice. A questionnaire is provided to captures your romantic first's, adventures and wishes for the future. It also includes reminder details that most couples may not have thought of. Most find this process very helpful.These telling answers provide the intimate knowledge, needed to write your one of a kind ceremony. I can hear the cadence in your conversation and the rhythm of your relationship. This allows me to write ceremonies (and vows) with deeper meaning, similar to writing a song.

Together we will choreograph more than a ceremony but one of the most romantic memories of your entire life.                    


~ couples phone consultation ~ writing service

~ ceremony officiant ~ paperwork filed

Base 225.00

~ 1 hour wedding rehearsal 60.00 add on 

 ~50.00 per mile to hike/adventure ceremony add on 

 ~mileage fee may occur 

Outdoor Wedding Photography


Elopement is expressed as a marriage conducted in sudden and secretive fashion, with very few guests, if any. Most elopements are planned in todays world. But the context is still the same. A key difference between an elopement and a wedding ceremony is there is no wedding party to walk down the aisle at an elopement. Your romantic ceremony will be preformed at the location of your choice. A beautiful pre-written script is provided. Or your ceremony can be personalized. Limited to 6 guests.

The couple is required to provide two witnesses and valid marriage license

issued from the state of Oregon.


~ couples phone consultation ~ ceremony officiation ~ paperwork filed

Base 180.00

~ personalized writing service 40.00 add on

~witnesses not provided for destination elopements

~witnesses for in-house elopements 40.00 add on

 ~50.00 per mile/hike for adventure ceremony add on 

~mileage fee may occur

Elopements can be preformed in our picturesque garden courtyard or inside beside the warm amber glow of the fireplace.

Outdoor Wedding Photography
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Simple Signing


Simple signings can be preformed in our picturesque garden courtyard or beside the warm amber glow of the fireplace in Redmond Oregon. This is a brief "ceremony of statement" as required by Oregon law, afterwards the marriage license is signed. You may be accompanied by your witnesses only, no guests. Couples must provide a valid Oregon marriage license and two witnesses.  Witnesses can be provided with advanced notice for in house signings only. Simple signings are completed within 15 minutes. This "ceremony of statement" is most often used for deployment, hospital and bedside signings.


After a couples phone consultation

 The following  performance is required at the signing to make your marriage legal.

 ~vow, a repeat after me declaration ~rings (optional) 

~pronouncement, legally you are “pronounced and announced" as a married couple

~sign the license ~paperwork filed 

~Base fee 80.00

~witnesses provided in house only $40 add on

~mileage fee may occur


Vow Renewal

Your ceremony will be preformed at the venue of your choice. Whether a couple has been together for years or decades, vow renewal is a heartfelt way to celebrate the milestones of your journey together. Your renewal ceremony can include meaningful elements, rituals and perhaps a few surprises for your mate. I provide a questionnaire that inspires couples to recapture and honor how they have navigated the highs and lows that have inspired them to become a stronger team. Your romantic ceremony will be as memorable as the first, if not more. 

~ couples phone consultation ~ writing service 

~ ceremony officiation  

Base 200.00

 ~50.00 per mile to hike for adventure ceremony add on

~mileage fee may occur 

Bride and Groom
Ceramic Vases


Garden Oasis in the Desert  

Located in the desirable neighborhood of Village Pointe, in SW Redmond Oregon. This spot is the perfect blend of location, comfort and style. Your private entrance, can be found after passing under a grapevine covered archway. A brick pathway leads you through the picturesque garden courtyard and on to your private patio. A lodge like feel greets you once inside. Custom photography and abstract paintings set the mood and reclaimed wood furniture fills this space with warmth. This large master bedroom features a comfortable queen size bed that has been described by our guests as dreamy. A closet kitchenette with mini-frig coffee maker and microwave lends creature convenience and comfort to your stay. Your private en suite bathroom features a full size tub and shower. This listing can be booked with or without an in-house ceremony.

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