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About CheninWest MRET CHT 

As a wedding officiant, the best part of my job is getting to know my couples. Each has a completely different life-love story and distinguishing beliefs. Love, is their commonality. I write ceremonies to make a memorable impact on the couple and their guests. The passages of your ceremony aren’t details I invent. They are precious moments brought to life by you, and for you. I receive a tremendous amount of joy from playing a small role in your love story and this is why I’ve been tying knots for over twenty-five years. 

Chenin West is an Ordained Minister through Universal Brotherhood Movement Inc, Reiki Master, Clinical Hypnotist and Master Rapid Eye Therapist. 

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Many cultures hold white doves in the highest regard.

Throughout history these beautiful birds have been recognized as messengers of the divine. Some believe doves are good omens, ushering in new beginnings,

fertility, peace, love and hope.

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